3 ways digitisation saves your admin staff time (every single day)

August 6, 2021
by inlanddigital

Administration is an inherent expense across every business operation, and we’re all looking for ways we can cut down on repetitive tasks and increase the productivity of our team. Based on a seven-hour working day, you’re looking at 567 hours spent on manual administration processes that are necessary to business functionality but aren’t directly leading to new revenue or income opportunities.

If you’re seeing hours sunk into administration every week, it’s time to look at how your workflows contribute to your admin overhead. Digitising your business can save your staff time every day, leading to tighter internal processes, increased productivity, and streamlined overheads.

Here are three digitisation tools every business should be considering.

A powerful CRM

Customer relationship management tools can radically shift the way you engage with your customer base. Forget laborious filing cabinets with a folder for each customer – CRMs are designed to capture individual customer communications across every channel, track engagement, monitor orders and fulfilment, identify customer service issues and provide ongoing analysis of your customer pool.

A well-informed CRM can lead to direct improvements in your sales strategies, as you’re able to track customer engagement with your marketing and sales tools in a way that manual workflows simply can’t. Plus, you’ll never find yourself emailing a colleague for the contact details of a specific customer again – it’s all at your fingertips instantaneously and up to date with the latest team communications.

Appointment scheduling apps

Do you have a staff member manning the phones daily simply to make appointments? If you offer a service-based business, this can easily eat into your per-service profit margin. Give your customers the power to schedule what they want, when they want it, via an automated

scheduling app that can also provide instantaneous booking confirmations, reminders and more.

Internal communication tools

How does information pass from one team member to another? If you’re bogged down in post-it notes from the front desk, missed calls from a colleague or long email chains, consider using a tool like Slack, which can provide a whole new way of engaging with your team.

These tools provide direct workflow benefits through connected apps, file access, conversation thread management and in-app phone and video call capabilities. They can also save you significant time and reduce the potential for miscommunication – offering one channel for team discussions.

At the end of the day, digitising workflows is all about taking what you already do and streamlining the process. Whether you’re converting a paper-based invoice system into a digitised version, looking to integrate your approvals systems or need to automate the sharing of key information across your team, Inland Digital has a solution that can add hours back into your day. Talk to our team today about how an efficient technology solution can change the game for your business.

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