How to increase team connectivity via collaboration solutions

August 19, 2021
by inlanddigital

When the world started working from home in early 2020, many of us thought we’d be back in the office in just a few short weeks. Now, a year down the track with more than half our country currently in lockdown, remote working has become essential to the survival of Australian businesses. Around the world, the mix of remote and blended environments have become the norm, with industry leaders such as Google opting to continue off-site and flexible working arrangements.

While this can offer opportunities for businesses to access talent across the country and employees to enjoy greater integration of work and life, new challenges are emerging. How the workplaces of the future build connectivity and collaboration within a remote environment is a hot topic in today’s landscape.

Engage your team with innovative collaboration tools

Inland Digital offers collaboration solutions that create robust and engaging working environments, mixing the capacity of both on and off-site team members, allowing for true and seamless connection. Enter Smart Technologies, collaborative and interactive whiteboards using 4K UHD LED panels which pave the way for easy and flexible collaboration across multiple devices.

This technology creates an environment where ideas can be thrown up on the SMART kapp iQ collaborative whiteboard instantaneously as if multiple members of the team were standing by with a whiteboard marker in hand. When a participant contributes to the display from their device, their writing instantly appears on both the kapp iQ display and on the devices of all other participants. With a range of pen tools, this creative tool provides a robust environment where ideas can be sketched out, meeting notes can take place in real-time, and team members can work together in the same manner as they would if they were together in person.

Skip out on the laggy screen-sharing while encouraging the free-flowing of ideas between collaborators, all while enjoying video meeting software that further connects team members, even those who are out of the office.

Support learning in any environment

These whiteboards are also a powerful tool for learning, allowing students or training participants to collaborate in classroom or remote environments. The SMART kapp iQ facilitates a greater sense of engagement, inviting participants into a co-creation learning model via interactive and enriched presentations. For those who are visual learners, this tool can revolutionise the learning experience.

Share ideas and connect your team anytime, anywhere

Our range of collaboration solutions includes compact interactive whiteboards, video-conferencing solutions and collaboration software designed to overcome the hurdles of mixed-format work environments. With mobile connectivity that allows an always-on approach to share ideas instantly, these easily integrated and user-friendly tools could be a game-changer for your business.

Creating a connected digital work environment is crucial for all businesses in today’s climate. Contact Inland Digital today to find out how you can keep your team working flexibly without sacrificing business results.

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