Lessons from our clients: Top tips we learnt from the COVID period

November 16, 2020
by inlanddigital

By Lawrence Breen

As we head towards the end of a crazy 2020, it’s a time of reflection for many businesses. For Inland Digital, it’s always been a time to review performance and our plans for the next year ahead, checking in on our strategy and making sure we’re still on the right path.

COVID has knocked all of us around in terms of our businesses. In talking to our clients over the past nine months, our team has heard plenty of different stories. What I have noticed is a few key themes coming through that have made a difference for some of these businesses, in terms of their reaction to the situation and their plans to get through it.

Here are the tips I heard from them that I thought we’re interesting…and a good approach for dealing with what’s ahead!

Think positive

It’s the one thing we can all control: Our attitude. What stood out for me and the team when talking to our clients, was the overwhelmingly positive attitude they brought to their businesses in tough times. Sure, living through a pandemic isn’t fun but you can control your reaction to the adversity you’re facing.

I have always been a believer in making the best of the situation you’re in, of not letting it control you. Keeping that calm head when everyone else is freaking out around you has proven a worthy tip yet again.

Use the time wisely

For some businesses, the sad reality has been that the last few months have seen a downturn in business or a dramatic shift in the way they work. Rather than dwell on the negative, there is some glitter in the dust here.

I have seen businesses use this time effectively, to redevelop processes and look at the way they work. It’s a great opportunity to review parts of the business that aren’t working, or could at the very least be improved. For example, are you still manually processing data and information? There’s an opportunity to automate that.

Focusing on business improvement or tweaking your strategy is a great use of the down time and it’s been fantastic to see clients using their time wisely.

Strengthened relationships

It’s amazing how tough times bring people together. In business, that sometimes means that instead of being so stupidly busy that we can’t find time for things, we take the time to work together.

One lesson from our business has been the importance of strengthened relationships with our clients and partners. We’ve always valued our solid business relationships and it’s something we pride ourselves on. COVID meant we could check in on our clients, hear their stories, and see if we could help. Not only on technology, but sometimes just being another resource to learn on. I know I appreciated the support of those in the business community who helped me during this period.

That strength of support has been incredibly positive and something that I valued. With our partners, I didn’t feel like I was being ‘sold’ to, I felt there was genuine support there to work together on getting through.

What’s your story?

Transforming business is more than just a tagline for us; it’s core to what we do every day. Keen to discuss your story? Email me at lbreen@inlanddigital.com.au and we can arrange a time to discuss what’s happening in your business.

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